Meet Dr Vella

Dr Stewart Vella

Dr Stewart Vella

Regional Lead

Dr. Stewart Vella is the Director of the Global Alliance for Mental Health and Sport at the University of Wollongong and Play Aid's Regional Lead for Australia.

Play Aid utilises Dr Vella's immense expertise in developing mental health programs and mental health guidelines to support our efforts.

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Dr Stewart vella

About Dr Stewart Vella

Dr Stewart Vella is a worldwide thought leader in the field of mental health in sport. Stewart is the most published scientific researcher in world on the topic of mental health in sport with over 150 scientific research outputs. He is a Subject Matter Expert on mental health and sport with Movember. His work spans mental health programs, mental health guidelines, psychological safety, and mental fitness. His “Ahead of the Game” program is currently being scaled globally, including as the official program of the Rugby League World Cup 2021. Dr Vella has over $14 million in research funding.

Dr Vella co-authored an International Consensus Statement on Mental Health in Sport, and is currently leading efforts to produce mental health guidelines. He is also at the forefront of research and practice on psychological safety and mental fitness in sport.

Dr Vella's publications

Publication List

Walton, C. C., Purcell, R., Pilkington, V., Hall, K., Kenttä, G., Vella, S., & Rice, S. M. (2024). Psychological safety for mental health in elite sport: A theoretically informed model. Sports Medicine. Advance online publication.

Schweickle, M., Graupensperger, S., Liddelow, C., Sutcliffe, J. T., Swann, C., & Vella, S. (2024). Potential moderators and mediators of intervention effects in a sport-based mental health literacy and resilience program for adolescent men. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 1-21.

Liddelow, C., Schweickle, M., Sutcliffe, J. T., Swann, C., Keegan, R., Rice, S., Okely, A., & Vella, S. (2024). Defining the scope and content of mental health guidelines for community sport in Australia: A Delphi study. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 102553.

Pankow, K., Sutcliffe, J. T., Conyers, D., Robinson, L. D., Schweickle, M., Liddelow, C., & Vella, S. (2024). Mental health risk and protective factors in Australian cricket. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 1-16.

Santos, F., Camiré, M., Pierce, S., MacDonald, D. J., Strachan, L., Newman, T., Vella, S., & Milistetd, M. (2024). Using social learning spaces to think beyond and innovate conventional conferencing formats. Kinesiology Review. Advance online publication.

Bruner, M. W., McLaren, C. D., Sutcliffe, J. T., Gardner, L. A., Lubans, D. R., Smith, J. J., & Vella, S. A. (2023). The effect of sport-based interventions on positive youth development: A systematic review and meta-analysis. International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 1-31.

Camiré, M., Santos, F., Newman, T., Vella, S., MacDonald, D. J., Milistetd, M., Pierce, S., & Strachan, L. (2023). Positive youth development as a guiding framework in sport research: Is it time to plan for a transition? Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 102505.

Liddelow, C., White, B., Arnold, E., & Vella, S. (2023). A cross-sectional study of the psychosocial predictors of re-engaging in team sport during early motherhood. Mental Health and Physical Activity, 100555.

Vella, S., Sutcliffe, J. T., Fernandez, D., Liddelow, C., Aidman, E., Teychenne, M., Smith, J. J., Swann, C., Rosenbaum, S., White, R. L., & Hall, K. (2023). Context matters: A review of reviews examining the effects of contextual factors in physical activity interventions on mental health and wellbeing. Mental Health and Physical Activity, 100520.

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