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Our mission is to embed psychological support in every team, guild, and society.

Will you be there for a mate in need? Take one of our Movember funded Player CARE Psychological First Aid Training Programmes and be there for your mates when they need you most!

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What will I have to do to become a Player CARE Coach?

Becoming a Player CARE Coach takes approximately 8-hours (5-hours are on demand).

  • You are required to attend a three hour online workshop with our team of psychologists on how to deliver the programme.

  • While you're waiting to attend one of our workshops, we'd encourage you to complete the modules found here. Each module takes around 30-minutes to complete and can be completed as and when you have half an hour free.

If this is a commitment you can adhere to we'd like to hear from you!

Training, like everything we do, is currently covered by the good folks at Movember. If you want to give something back, please consider fundraising for Movember in our name.

What will I have to do to become a Player CARE Coach Educator?

Becoming a Player CARE Coach Educator takes approximately 50 hours (45-hours are on demand).

  • You are required to attend a virtual (online) half day workshop.

  • As with the Player CARE Coach course, Coach Educators also need to demonstrate that they have completed the mental health literacy modules.

  • Coach Educators are expected to engage in independent learning. Materials are provided.

  • You'll be expected to deliver two sessions training at least 16 Player CARE coaches.

  • You will also complete supervised experience with one of our regional leads. This is two 30-minute follow up calls over a 12-week period to support you should you have any issues or questions arise after your training.

  • Two written reflections on your supervised delivery sessions is also a requirement.

Can I use this as CPD?

Yes, you're welcome to add to your CV and you will receive a certificate upon completion of the course. Our Player CARE Coach Educator Programme is under validation by the University of Ulster and caries five UCAS points. The University of Ulster charges various fees for their certificates based on your personal situation and county of residence.

How heavy is this going to be?

Whilst the content can be a little heavy at times, we have tried to make it engaging, visual, and enjoyable too. There may be times when you are asked to reflect on your experiences or role play providing/receiving support. This can be triggering for some, but as a virtual programme, we encourage you to take breaks wherever needed. We're always looking for ways to improve and you'll be asked to give feedback on completion.

Is this mental health first aid?

No, our course is based on psychological first aid and whilst similar, there are differences. Psychological first aid is focused on providing practical support to people in crisis. Like mental health first aid, our course also provides information on understanding what mental health disorders are, the causes, treatments, stigma, and how you can start a conversation with a mate you're concerned about. We want to help you feel more comfortable and confident in having a relaxed conversation about mental health topics with your friends.

Is this training for people in the United Kingdom only?

No! If you're aged 16 or over, play or are involved in online video gaming, have an internet connection, and want to be there to support your friends, teammates, or the wider community, you're welcome to take one of our courses. We run training sessions are various times across the week to allow for people from around the world to join. If you are in an individual in the UK, Ireland or Australia, course fees have been covered by the Men's Health Charity Movember. If you are attending in a professional capacity or outside of one of our funded countries, fees are applied.

What do I do if I have questions?

Email the team ( We work Monday to Friday and will aim to respond within 48-hours.