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Dr paradis

Dr Kyle Paradis MED, MHK

Regional Lead

Dr. Kyle Paradis completed his training as a Sport and Exercise Psychologist in Canada and is Play Aid's Regional Lead for Ireland.

Play Aid utilises Dr Paradis' expertise as an internationally renowned expert on the influence of social processes on mental health and highly experienced educator, to lead our training efforts in Ireland.

Dr Kyle Paradis
Dr paradis

About Dr Kyle Paradis

Kyle Paradis, PhD, MED, MHK joined Play Aid in 2024 and is a Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Psychology in the Faculty of Life and Health Sciences at the University of Ulster. Kyle achieved his doctorate under the supervision of Albert Carron at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. His research interests include group dynamics and the social processes in sport groups and its influences on mental health outcomes.

Dr Paradis is an internationally recognised researcher in the area of youth mental health, where he has published over 50 research outputs. Kyle is also a Certified High-Performance Curling Coach and an international curling athlete. He has represented Ireland at the European Championships.

dr Paradis' publications

Publication List

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